Sunday, June 7, 2009

Keeping my word.

Well, I owed Fallon Star some "catch up" time in Krokatopia, So, I got her up and into the Sphinx, after running throught the Throne Room to find the location of The Order of the Fang. (I just love the Raiders of the Lost Ark reference). Did some grinding , killing Sokkwi Protectors. At my level, Krokotopia is now "fun", as in "I can look Uber". Never hurts to look back , and remember where you've come from. It only seems like last week that I was grinding Krok.

Wait a minute, it was last week. The sands of time fly in a duststorm of grinding, lol. I'm not sure I've even made my 1 month anniversary, but i's gotta be close by. Listen up, young 'uns ..parents can ROCK!

Which is something that has always "gotten to me" in other games. Whenever some adolescent finds out I'm a parent, and quipps "You're too old for video games!"

Grrr. Listen, up, you young whipper-snapper! My generation made video gaming what it is. We marched like soldiers to the coin-op arcades, We begged, cajoled, and hounded our parents for those hot-off-the-shelf Atari 2600's. Pitfall was a quantum leap in home gaming, lol.

Some of us never got out of gaming. Moving from platform to platform. Now with the Internet, we can do it en masse. So, I'll make a deal with you...I'll respect your well-honed skills, if you recognize my experience. Deal? Yes? Good. Now, where was I...?

Oh, yeah..Krokatopia.

Blazing throught the undead, and rebuilding General Khaba's sword. I want a sword, too, you know.

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