Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Poor Mr. Dworgyn. Left unawares, in a sunken Death School, when the Head Professor goes all Apocalyptic-ey on The Spiral. According to the W101 website itself "CLASS CANCELLED". Well, not everyone has given up! Mr. Dworgyn has been resolute in continuing training for young necromancers, against all odds! Does the Faculty think him unworthy? Do they believe a hunchback uncapable of greatness? Pshaw! Obviously they've never watched Igor! Why, without Mr. Dworgyn, we necromancers would be naught more than pseudo-Goths hanging around the Haunted Cave, being pretentious, and debating "What might have been.."

I resolve we petition the Faculty to grant Tenure to Mr. Dworgyn, in light of his commitment to academic excellence in the continuing education of necromancy! Post petitions all across Ravenwood, the Dorms, and even nail it to Headmaster Ambrose's door! We will not be uneducated! We will not be silent! Necromancers Unite! Rally for the Hunchback!

Why, I even started writing a protest song (sung to Stairway to Heaven):

There's a Hunchback who knows
Spells for student necros
And he's minding a su-unken Death School.

Yes, he stands at that old school
Teaching "Dead stuff is cool!"
And he's minding a su-unken Death School.

(Well, it is a work-in-progress)

So, that's it, fellow necromancers! Get out there, and spread the word!

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Countess Shadowbane said...

I'll make the picket signs and meet ya there! Tenure for Dworgyn!!!

Stingite said...

LOL! I'll fetch water for the protesters, count me in!

Fatal Exception said...

lol, ty, all for your contimued support of Mr. Dworgyn.


Cheats and Crackers said...

I have a feeling Dworgyn had been dealing drugs, and taking some himself. Why else would he be such a hunch-back? And anyway, he just looks shady... lol

Fatal Exception said...

Or, he could have Kyphosis (

Jessica said...

Go dworgan go! I'm donating a few grand(of gold) to him when I'm a grandmaster!