Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Behold, Terminus!

Behold! The Trademark of Friendly!

Muah-ha-ha! I must be getting closer to being a *real* necromancer!

Well, since I'm a crown player, I can't be all Grizzleheim-ey like everyone else, so I burnt down Ivan Soulsinger. Not as 'easy' a farm mark as Ol' Oyotomi. Perhaps Ill take up Countess Shadowbane on her offer to do some farming.

Sigh. Grizzleheim. I wonder how it is. Friendly isn't saying much, 'cuz he's probably rolling around in the Grizzleheim-ey goodness.

Sure, maybe it ISN'T out yet, even on the test server, but I still have to believe. I have to push, to be ready, to...oh, who am I kidding? I just wanna SEE!


Countess Shadowbane said...

Now that's just funny - I just got my terminus staff as well! Feels like I'm part of the club now! Lol! And hey, that offer stands whenever you're up for it! After all, who can stand against two necromancers! Muhahaha!

Stingite said...


No Grizzleheim yet! It's looking very slim for today. I think someone fed IGN some bad info.