Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This is a tractor.

"Why is there a tractor on your blog?" you may ask?

Well, last night, Fallon Star, Ryan Ironrider, and myself went and paid Professor Malistaire a visit. It was quite fun, considering none of us had done our homework, and didn't know entirely what to expect. So, it was good that there were 3 of us, if only to get past the crystal stands locking the door to the Crown of Fire. Here we are, watchin a bit of good old-fashioned smug Boss monologue. (see? I told you it was a Universal Truth!):

Smug Boss monologues are a Universal Truth.

Well, all said and done, we all but walked through the battle, (poking fun at the Dragon Titan's eye the whole time), and finally, 10k later, a fade I've been questing for, for a while:

School's out, for the Summer.

You are dismissed, professor. School is out. You did not pass. We figured it was better to hit him pre-patch, (considering who-knows-what-happens post-patch). In our elation at having earned our "Saviour of the Spiral" badges, we took the portal, as Professor Drake had suggested.

Oh, drat!

I forgot to collect my last Stone Rose! Grrrr. Curse you, Prof. Drake, *still* you vex me! It's okay, though, I suppose. Malistaire dropped an Ice School cloak. Completely useless, for me.

That's okay, because to quote The Governator, "I'll be back!". Which leads us back to the tractor.

Yes, I'm sure you've figured it out, by now. With only a single Stone Rose left in my quest log, and untill Grizzleheim goes live, I have only one occupational choice available to me: Farmer.

Be well.

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