Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Discovered another blog, one that I'll be watching, by Fallon Shadowblade at Diary of a Wizard. , because this world needs more "MMO MOM's.

Okay, got outta Plaza of Conquests last night, and can I just say?

Marva Flamewing and her two "Protection Pox"...


Oh, my goodness, people. If you gotta go:bring a friend. I didn't, and it was a regular "Shield-a-palooza". 30 minutes on that fight, no joke. When a game designer wants to really run you through your paces, they come up with a fight like that. Absoloutely NO comparison to the NPC with the "Damage Pox"- that fight was , theoretically, over in 5 mins.

Struggled to level again, it's no super-de-duper-extra-exp like Moo Shu , in Dragonspyre. You work for it, and hard.

2 more levels, and I'll be getting "The Big Call" from Dworgyn. Yeah, you know the one. Scarecrow.

'nuff said. ;)


Countess Shadowbane said...

The pox are super annoying I agree - you just need to bring the countess and her earthquake along! No more shields for anyone! Earthquake seriously speeds that battle lol. Hey my necromancer is two levels away from scarecrow as well - rock on!

Fatal Exception said...

Yes, soon, ever so soon, (but never soon ENOUGH), we shall lay waste with our scarecrows!

Necro on, my friend!