Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Oni today.

Betcha thought yours truly would be touting a victory over the Death Oni, huh?

Nah. Let him sweat it out a bit. I got plans for him.

No, today was getting Fallon Star a little more caught up. We finished the Sphinx, and got her into the Temple of Storms. Just for giggles, we went and killed Krokopatra. Not amused enough, she and I decided to try Tomb of the Beguiler. Now, THAT was fun! Just when we were getting to "How much more IS there?",

There he was.
For a short moment.
Before we dispatched him.
And didn't get our titles.
Yes, I am a little peeved about that.

But, anyhoo, having fulfilled a sense of obligation to Fallon, I went on a couple clean-up runs in Moo Shu, steadfastly avoiding, with great restraint, not even peeking in on the Death Oni quest line.

Aren't you proud of me? I knew you would be.

So, there I was, finishing the ever-so-hard-to-drop corrupted earths for Mossback, when *ding*! "Oh, my! I've leveled!" And, right on cue, Dworgyn pops up. Good old Dworgyn, always knows how to show a necromancer a good time. So, being the ever-so-obedient student, I whisked myself back to the Death School, fully expecting some epic quest for my next spell:

"Mr. Dworgyn, sir? I'm ready to start my epic quest"
"Epic quest? Whatever are you going on about, Autumn?"

"You know, the new spell you just called me about? Surely I have to go through some Herculean 'here-and-there' to earn this spell?"



"Nope. Here you go , Autumn. Now, move along, I have other students in queue."

I don't know whether to be elated, or insulted. Wait, what am I saying? Free spell? YES, please!
So, here's my new favorite spell, (until I hit 48):


Countess Shadowbane said...

Ooh mine too as a fellow necromancer! Wraith rocks!

Isaiah Spelldust said...


Fatal Exception said...

Ty, all. Scarecrow be next, and none too soon!