Saturday, June 6, 2009

When we last left our necromancer...

Well, considering this is the first post, that's not totally accurate. Here I am blogging, now, and already clearing World Tea, Uh, I mean World Three, (Marleybone).

Who am I? Just another necromancer. A Death Student in Wizard 101, a Harry-Potter-meets-Yu-Gi-Oh kind of game that is family friendly, but definitely not "just for kids".

For a better blog, I'd recommend The Friendly Necromancer, aka Thomas Lionblood. His blog is my inspiration to blog. Just, I'm not as witty. Think of this as an open journal of a necromancer's quest for ... something.

I also be a parent, (as well as being edu-macated) , so something my tween and I can reasonably agree on sharing is a good thing.

So anyways..., there I was, cleaning up little side quests in Marleybone, when I got the call to pay a visit , (i.e. eliminate) Dr. Katzenstein, and his creation. Since I had just hit 35, and recently got my "Gloom and Doom" spell from Dworgyn, and being a reclusive soloist most of the time, I figured I was all set.

And I was. Dr. Kat got spayed and/or neutered, his gizmo now a toaster, and all was well. Feeling chock-a-block full of vigor, I sashayed on over the the Royal Museum , to meet the intrepid Sherlock Bones, Master Sleuth.

After a quick chat, I was sent to rectify the problem in Counterweight East, (one of the two prerequisites to open Big Ben), and feeling confident, strode in to solo it, as well.

The tower was a pleasant jaunt. Almost trivial. Old Smokey, I hardly knew you. All fell before me and my summoned minions. I took my reward, and ventured further on to meet Gus.

Hail, and well met, Gus! Whassamatta for you? Oh? 4 levers? Pffft! Easy-piesy! There's one there! Climb, climb. Oh! a battle! Pshaw! A second lever! Nice. I'll be done in no time.

Third lever..hey, wait...*3* on one? That's not nice. 2 Lifes and a Balance...hmmm..I'll just summon my minion. Oh, no! a Dark Sprite?! Gawd, I'll just do this myself..hey! Wait! Where's my Sacrifice cards? I have a 40 card deck with 4 of them in here! Maybe next hand...ok, gotta be the next hand... grrr! It has to be the next han...

That hand never came.

As I materialized in Regent Square with my *whole* 1 hitpoint, I suddenly realized (duh!) I might need a little help. (no, not *that* kind of help..I can hear you back there!) So, after some forced Zen, I summoned my apprentice/friend/recruit Fallon Star, and together we breezed through it like I thought I would have solo. (I owe her some catch-up time in Krokatopia for that one.)

And by way of apology, Old Spocket Boy "up top" dropped me a nifty Rat Magician for a pet. How daper! You can get a glimpse of him HERE , courtesy of Defenders of the Spiral .

So, at the end of the day, it was a good night in Marleybone. Because it's ALWAYS night in Marleybone.

So, there you have it.
A Post.
Of a blog.
Of a game.
By a person.

Be well!

-Autumn Duskhunter

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Isaiah Spelldust said...

Hey! Yet I had found another W101 blogger! As I can see you found me. Your blog will come along nicely! Keep Blogging!