Sunday, June 7, 2009

Teleport to friend's friend's friend.

A very nice post by Countess Shadowbane from The Tales of Countess Shadowbane , concerning Uninvited Guests.

I can relate. When I first started, I accepted any/all friend requests. Not long after, I realized the error of my ways. And tonight, during Fallon Star's a my run on Big Ben, we get joined mid-battle by one of Fallon's "friends".

I have learned not to go through Wizard City Commons with any cash card pet, my amarainthine-however-you-spell-it staff, or any gear that denotes I am anything more than a level 1 necromancer.

I realize the kid quotient is spectacularly high. I accept that. but the incessant "Where did you get..." or "Can you help me with...", or "Can you take me to...". can be a bit wearing , at times.
For me, a blind "Friend Request" without actually talking to me first, is an automagic denial.

Everyone wants to see other worlds. I get that. But trying to get to Marleybone at level 5? Or Moo Shu at level 11? That's just silly. Even if you're going for the shopping, what are you *really* gonna buy on a level 11's income?

Whatever happened to earning your way? trust me, it's the only way, and it is exponentially more rewarding.

Is it a pain in the foot? Yup. Does it take a while? Again, "Yup". Is it worth it? Oh-heckhound-yeah, it's worth it!

Don't judge yourself against other players. Enjoy the game, savor each conquering step you take against Malistaire's designs, and revel in each thread you unravel from his rich tapestry. The environment is yours to conquer, at YOUR pace. If you're too caught up trying to "keep up", you're missing the point altogether. W101 is a game, and a good one , at that. Don't rob yourself of even the minutest detail.

Be well, fellow Wizards.

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