Sunday, June 14, 2009

Me and my pal, Oyotomi

I spent the day farming Oyotomi, in The Village of Sorrow.
I'm now Helephant-bent on getting a sword, and after doing a bit o' homework, decided that Ol' Oyo would probably be my best bet. Having recently watched The Friendly Necromancer's video of farming Yeva Spiderkeeper for his hat, all I could see, in my mind..

et cetera, et cetera, ad naseum,

I started losing track of which spells I had cast, the battles all bleeding together. It's no that he was a hard fight, on the contrary, I was consistently "one-shotting" him. It's the push of determination, meeting the wall of "the grind". I even started having a conversation with Oyotomi, In reminisent shades of Wiley and Sam, :

G'morning, Oyotomi (as I cast Feint)
'Morning, Autumn. (as he casts Death Blade)
How's things with you? (as I cast Curse)
Good, (as he casts Dark Sprite)
Can't complain. You know, your voice is sounding a little rough. (As I cast Death Prism)
Well, I'm dead, and KingsIsle stuck me out here in the open. The dead don't heal too well, so once you catch a cold... (as he casts Death Trap)
Oh, sorry to hear that. So, hey, why don't you just drop me a sword? (as I cast Death Trap)
Oh, c'mon, Autumn, you know the rules, I can't just do that. As he cast Deathblade)
Yeah, I know. Doesn't hurt to try right? (as I cast Deathblade)
Hey, kid, "A for effort" (as he casts Weakness)
Well, ok, then. See you again in a minute, k? (As I cast Wraith)
Sure, Autumn, see you in a minute. Enjoy your Shoes of Music, hahahahaha (as he withers under a 2361 point combo.)
Curse you, Oyo, that's not even funny, dude. Myth boots. His idea of humor.



Countess Shadowbane said...

x sigh x I so feel your pain! I feel like I've had the same conversation with Ivan over and over again. All I can say, perseverence! Ivan finally did give up the sword and I'm sure Oyotomi will crumple in defeat one of these times! Let me know if you need a farming buddy lol - I'm always up for a good fight :)

By the way - love the blog - you rock!

-The Countess

Fatal Exception said...

Ty so much! I'm so sorry I missed WizGather09, I was hoping to connect with my fellow bloggers. But it was a good day on the water.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I went through the same thing with him, a good thirty battles or more before he finally dropped my blade. I've got a half-dozen of his ribcages piled up behind my house.

Fatal Exception said...

Yeah. Forty, and (stopped) counting. He dropped a couple nice lanter pillars, as well as ceramic vases.

Anonymous said...

That was a funny conversation. But i know how you feel. hard to get one specific item. ticks you off quick

Cheats and Crackers said...

Wow, didn't think you were one to swear. *Gulp*

Fatal Exception said...

Well, that's about a "vicious" as I'm like to get, so put your sensibilities at ease, mon freir.

Michael said...

How can I be so sure? Hmm? Hmmm?

Fatal Exception said...

You can't, really. "Time is the revealer of all truths."

Michael said...

Ah, so you're saying I should expect more swearing. Fine by me. Rather amusing, atually.

Fatal Exception said...

Well, if you consider "dammit" a swear, (and it IS defined as a mild expletive (, then I would also advise you to never watch the original Star Trek series. That Dr. McCoy had a mouth on him, yessiree.

"*bleep*, Jim! I'm a Doctor, not a ...."

This concludes our discussion. Be well.

Michael said...

I hate Star Trek, anyway. lol