Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Necropolis,and secret handshakes.

Ah, feels like home. What? Don't you think a necromancer would be at home in The City Of The Dead? Of course you do.

It seems anyone/everyone I run across sends a blind friend request. Understandable, but not my style. Since I do want to have friends, REAL friends, (not users), I've developed my own "secret handshake" with 2, count 'em, 2 options:

Option, the first:
If you CAN chat, then say "Web Log". Then I'll know you read it here.
If you CANNOT talk, well you're outta luck.
(just kidding). If you can't talk then it's a *little* more involved:

Option, the second:
Jump twice (spacebar)
I will jump once, in recognition.
Emote "salute"
I will emote "salute", in return.
Add friend, I will accept.

I don't wanna seem pretentious, or anything, it's just I want to have a compact friend list of people I know, via Friendly's Blog Group.

Sorry, that's "Just how I roll", lol.
But if you're reading this, you're pre-qualified, right? Right!

Hope to add you soon!
Be well!

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