Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Great Wall of Moo Shu

Yeah, I hit it...hard.
So, there I was, smugly skipping across the Spiral, opening those up-to-now mysterious Obsidian Chests, (yeah, now I know, but I'm not gonna spoil it for ya).

Wizard City. Easy, piesy! (except for the annoying pulls on Triton)
Krokotopia: Ah, good times, good times!
Marleybone: Um..there's a lot of walking to do, here..
Moo Shu: Just gonna grab the one from the Forest Spirit, and BAM!

No lights.
I can't get in.
What the Helephant?

Oh. I think I missed something. Yup, I did.
Like almost the *entire* Mossback quest line. DOH!

So, that's what I spent the majority of the day doing. Catching up. Cleaning up. Just to advance.

On the plus side, I leveled again, and am now on the final road to Grandmaster.

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