Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh noes!

Was looking forward to Wizard Gathering 2009 tomorrow, but my tween, Ashley Duskhunter , reminded me that we have a Pirate Cruise (end of school field trip) tomorrow at 9am EST.

Dilema: Keep your word to your child, or play W101.

Well, my tween DID have to win a lottery for this (limited spaces), and I *did* promise to go, and it IS a "Pirate Cruise", so I think for once, just this once mind you, W101 will have to take a back seat, lol.

If I'm luckier IRL than I am on mob drops, then maybe we'll be back in time. But if my trend continues, I will have to find a "rain date", or organize a W101 Bloggers gathering, or somesuch.

So, if in fact, I am unable to attend, know that I am there in spirit, wishing you all well, and hoping a good time will be had by all.

Be well, my fellow wizards. Hope to see you soon!

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