Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I did say "Casual kind of day", before , right? Well "Casual kinda day, my foot, it was!". After running around a bit, saving villages, and defeating warlords, and such, leveled (again), and got a quick note from Dworgyn.

Now see, being a necromancer, I LOVE getting a call from Dworgyn. He gives out the greatest cards, (for me, at least..I don't mind being a "Teacher's Pet", lol). Well, somehow , he knew I was in Moo Shu, and he told me he had a spell for me. In Moo Shu.

"Uh, Mr. Dworgyn, sir, why did I come all the way back to Wizard City, just to go back to Moo Shu?"
... "Uh, huh..I see".
"No, it's no problem , at all, Mr. Dworgyn, sir. I'll get right on it."

He sent me to go "capture" a War Oni. Oh, no, just killing it isn't enough. I had to go capture him into a spirit shard, and transport him to the Well of Souls in Krok, ala Ghostbusters.

Fortunately, (for me), a certain Thomas Mythwhisper was just hanging about the Crimson Field entrance, so he and I, (okay, mostly he ), zipped through the dungeon, slayed and/or captured the War Oni, and got the heckhound outta there. My "casual kind of day" ended at 2:30 AM. Exhausting, but worth it, IMHO.

I'm gonna make a shirt, I think.

"My friend went through The Crimson Fields, and defeated a War Oni, and all I got was this card"

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