Thursday, June 18, 2009


Especially Dragonspyre Spiders. Especially especially Dragonspyre Ice Spiders in Crystal Grove . They're too big to squish. They gang up on me , like 3-on-one. Yeah, in the gemcutter's tower. They completely, and utterly, made lunchtime out of me. With a side of humble pie.

Considering I already had a heaping helping of "defeat" in a surprising run in the Labyrinth, (and I still haven't found either Jareth OR Hoggle ). Two defeats in one day? Not since Colossus Ave!

I feel like a newb.


Isaiah Spelldust said...

Ha! I love the movie the labyrinth! "if you kiss her, ill turn you into a prince." Said Jareth.

"Really? You will?" Hoggle replied.

"Prince of the land of stench! !" Jareth gave out a big laugh and walked into the distance.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Fatal Exception said...

Yes, I like it, too, so I've taken your idea, and changed the link!