Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ravenwood Ball

Two words:
I mean, wow. Almost *too* many people, (if there can be such a thing). That, and trying to co-ordinate with Ravenwood Radio. After a bit, I just handed Ashley the computer and said "Here, you go do it.". I may have to set up an individual "Meet the author" event, for those that who want to add me, but couldn't find me in that Sea of Blue. Heck, just trying to get to Area 01 was a trial in "outsmarting the server", lol. I was getting all sorts of graphical glitches around Bartleby,,like massive "white outs" that split him right down the middle.

It's kinda funny. Next time KI wants to "stress test" a server, all they need to do is have all the bloggers announce a single event.


M.W.S said...

Yea... The ball was great I missed about 27 minutes of it due to my mom but I arrived very early... I:

It was a lot of bloggers out there btw lol...

My2Cents said...

Haha wish I coulda been there!!!

alyssa griffinrider said...

yea i wish i couldve gone but i had to go over a friends house.

Icy Wiz said...

Hey Autumn -

I think a great way to have an author meet & greet would be to hold it at someone's house. Have a few friends act as "portkeys" to shuttle people to your house, and everyone can meet/friend you there (if you have room on your Friend List, that is.

See you In The Spiral!