Thursday, May 6, 2010

Battleblood's Challenge, this Saturday! 5000 Crown reward!

Being fortunate, I have seen what's in store, in advance. I'm  not gonna give you a lengthy description , but I *can* tell you that Kevin Battleblood, of the Chillanthropologist (yay! I got it right, this time!) is having an event, featuring an impressive creation, indeed. I , along with several others, will be there to help administer the event.
I was able to preview it, yesterday, and all I can say is *wow*.

Click for full size

An obstacle course? Yup, you read that right. Skeptical? Don't be. This is no run through Unicorn Way. It's amazing what a dedicated mind, and persistence, can accomplish. Be sure to pre-register for the event, by emailing Kevin Battleblood . See the above flyer for all the details.

And speaking of contests, don't forget , there's only 4 days left to submit you entry in the "Young Bloggers for Dworgyn" writing contest. Competition is heating up, so get your creative self in gear!

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