Saturday, May 1, 2010

The day isn't completely lost.

Well, after finding out my day spent in Grizzleheim was "pointless", since everything's been "thought of", already, I figured I would do a 'little something' to cheer myself up:

Yeah, that's right. Got a little something to give away. Yes, it's a W101 code. No, it's not a Gobbler Pet, and No, it's not from wizard blox. That's all I'm saying. I'm not even going to announce this one over twitter, just a "here it is".. And, well, "here it is":

The first one to correctly answer all 5 of these questions,(all answers can be found within this blog), wins.

1) What does the Prime Meridian pass through?
2) Who called 'dibs' on the graveyard?
3) Which movie do I want to name my pale maiden after?
4) Which "North" does Santa live at?
5) How many wizards (out of how many) approve?

Da Rules (contest is closed)
1) If you recently won a gobbler pet, from Homework's Great Gobbler Giveaway, you are not eligible to win a prize. Sorry.
2) DO NOT post your email, unless you are announced winner.
3) Each commenter gets ONE shot. (So check your answers carefully) Spelling is "ballpark".
4) If you mistakenly post under someone else's login, you've used your "one shot".
5) Comments will not be posted until a winner is announced.


Unknown said...

I am Lenora Mistblossom

My answer is:

1. D
2. Lord Luna
3. Emily from the Corpse Bride
4. True north
5. 10 out of 19

Unknown said...

congratz in advance guys and gals can't wait to see who wins:)LoL

Ronan Dawn said...

prime meridian passes through equator. Lord luna calls dibs on the graveyard. The corpse bride. The true north. 10/9 wizards approve.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

1. The prime meridian is the opposite of the equator. It runs north-south, and passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England (close to Marleybone?).
2. Lord Luna
3. The Corpse Bride
4. True North, not Magnetic North or Grid North (otherwise known as the North Pole :)
5. 10 out of 9 wizards approve of KI raising the bar!


Anonymous said...

I would like to enter plzzzzz so um btw Im Rowan Waterstaff

1. Greenwich
2. Lord Luna
3. The Corpse bride
4. The Geographical North
5. 10 out of 9 approve