Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some more Test Realm Observations

Nope, not about pets...well not *directly*, many fine blogs are covering that, in depth.
Just making a few "forward looking" observations, like possible new furniture drops:

Furniture/decoration drops? Betcha!

I tell you, I *gotta* get me a few cannons, (if available). Kind of reminds, me.. I *still* think a dueling ring for Lands and Castles would be a fun purchase. Oh, yeaaaahh... Even if it's not a full size ring..or just a teleport to an 'instanced' arena...just something. We need more playable games in our houses, imo. Who knows? Maybe the cannons are a pre-emptive clue that we *might* have pet mini-games at our Lands&Castles. Pure speculation, at this point.

Other things of note: More Vendors. Vendors-a-plenty. Both for Pet Snacks, and for Pet Snack recipies. Here's just a few:
(Clicky the picy)  *Has* to be more than these, around.
Which leads me to another thought: reagents. We're going to need more of them, more often, and I don't know if the current spawn rates will support that. If the spawn rates do not increase, that would make pet snacks (and consequently, pet development) a "crowns=win" concept, where a crowns player can just click, click, click a few booster packs, and resume gaming (and refilling energy). I'm all for business, ( and W101 *is* a business, after all), but if reagents are left "as is", I think this may bring imbalance to the pet system. I have faith that KI has, (or will have) it all figured out.


M.W.S said...

Yes, have noticed that... :P

JJ said...

I would SO love to have a mini-dueling ring in my castle! See, I have a secret room, that literally no one except me knows about. I hide it in there, and Poof! I have a SECRET dueling arena.