Friday, May 7, 2010

Experience issue.

Hiya, wizards/witches.

Just puttering around in the pet park with Lord Luna, trying to perpetuate a predisposition for pet performance, (curse you, Milo Barker!),and I came across what I see as a 'brick wall', of sorts, and it's not the type you toss out on the derby track, either.

See, here's my issue, (as I'm sure many of you have found, as well) Here's Luna's current stats:

and here's the exp gain after a 'perfect' minigame:

and with a favorite snack:
2 exp? Gee, that only leaves me 844 more exp, to go. So, that's only 422 more minigames to play.Doh! Make that, 421..and these don't even count. Test progress go *poof*.
'Epic' truly is, as in 'I have an Epic amount of free time and crowns to level a single pet" So, I ask you, graveyard wanderers, should KI:

a) Leave it well enough alone. You're not supposed to level easily.
b) Make the minigame 'exp scalable' to the pet age
c) Sell yet another crown item "Pet exp boost". Yay, crowns!
d) There's another thing you haven't considered, Autumn.

Feel free to let me know your opinion.

Reminder: This is the last day to register for the Chillantropologist's Challenge for tomorrow, and you only have 3 days to enter the Young Blogger's for Dworgyn writing contest.


Kevin BattleBlood said...

From what I've seen from a new leveling project--in addition to your screenshot--the EXP Pool in Test Realm was made in favor of raising pets from Baby to Epic, rather than starting at Ancient. After mating with a friend's pet, I began raising mine hoping it would gain the Talent I wanted it to have. I knew it had the potential for the spell (both of our pets had the same exact Epic Talent, and our babies' Talent list sported an Epic spell), but I had yet to unlock it, even bringing it up to Ancient. So, with one more Age level to go, I noticed that I had about 2XX/1000 until Epic...but not all of my Stats were maxed out yet. (Though, I know I will hit the same brick wall as you eventually, maybe around the 500-600 tier).

So, I think they should create a flexible chart to fit our pets' varying experience pools

Taji34 said...

I choose B . . . No A . . . No C . . . No . . . Ah! I can't choose!

Stingite said...

Try dumping your pet into the shared bank. I think that resets all it's stats to zero.

. . . not that that's the best solution.

Heather Raven said...

Please, we beg you KI! It's really impossible!