Thursday, May 13, 2010

Need to do something

Hmm..contest? How about a:

You know the drill. First commenter to answer all 5 correctly wins. All answers can be found within the blog. Pop quiz prize: 5k crowns/Happy Piggle.

1) Of the 2 types of lobsters, which one is not "true"?
2) Who did Headmaster Ambrose joke "was behind it all?"
3) What Test Realm "furniture drop" did I think would be perfect?
4) Where is Gordon Sumner located?
5) Who was watching me suspiciously?

1) Everybody gets "1". As in, "1 shot", so check your answers carefully, (and your login). ;)
2) DO NOT post your email, I will ask you for it if you win.
3) Everybody is eligible for this one. ( I can't believe I spelled 'eligible' right on the first try!)
4) The Joker is NOT wild, on this surprises...this time.
5) Comments will no be posted until someone gets all 5 correct.


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

1. The spiny lobster.
2. Zeke!
3. The cannon
4. The Marleybone Commons
5. I couldn't find this anywhere, but I'm going to guess it's that creepy cow painting in one of the pet shops.

I did my homework!

Jason ThunderShield said...

1) spiny lobster
2) prospector zeke
3) aquarium
4) Gordon Sumner - Snack
Near Food Carts/Regent's Square/MB
5) Kestrel tree

Peter's Blog said...

1. American Lobster

2. Prospedtor Zeke


4.In ds

5. a noob

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Lenora Mistblossom, and these are my answers:

1. The spiny lobster
2. Prospector Zeke
3. Cannons
4. Marleybone Commons
5. The treant, woodwalker, or oakheart in Kestrel’s life house

thanks for holding these contests :)

M.W.S said...


Gordon Sumner can't find it lol...
*Ahem* could you give a hint (then put it with this post or email)?

Also do you mean this?

NOTE: I've been through all your posts and my back is aching I am just a teenager lol...

I have come up with solutions to the rest of the problems... :D

Jessica said...

2 hours, a piece of paper, an ipod touch and 2 pencils later, I have an answer. (5 is probably incorrect, but I went through all your posts!)

1. The spiny lobster is not 'true'.
2. Prospector Zeke
3. Cannon or dueling ring (cannon is my hunch)
4. Marleybone commons
5. The winners of the gobbler giveaway and Amber StarGem???

Anonymous said...

Hi, i am new to your blog and i been reading your blog for the past month. I want to enter this pop quiz so here are my answers

1.Spiny Lobsters are not "true"

2. Prospector Zeke was behind it all

3.You thought the Cannons would be a perfect "furniture drop"

4.Marelybone Commons, if thats what you call it. lol

5. You were being watched by Treants/Nature wraths in the life house.

Anonymous said...

1. spiney lobster
2. prospector zeke
3. cannons
4. marleybone commons
5. treant and little blue bird

RatWarrior form Wizard101 central.

And of course...
Tenure for Dworgyn!
And maybe even new Headmaster?

Anonymous said...

1) Spiny lobster
2) Prospector zeke
3) Cannons
4) Gordon Sumner - Snack
Near Food Carts/Regent's Square/MB ‘
5) kestrel watchful tree

M.W.S said...

1)Spiny whatever refering to Larry the Lobster I think lol...

2)Prospector Zeke

3) The cannons *ahoy mate!*

4) Marleybone Commons

5) Amber Stargem