Monday, May 17, 2010

Test Realm Reset

This, according to post at Wiz101 Official:
So, it's only a 4 day rollback. No 'biggie', really, but it has me curious. A 4 day rollback is nothing epic, (and certainly not game breaking, since it *is* Test Realm, after all. I just don't get it. In my experience, a MMO rollback is usually to address an unintentionally coded 'exploit' being used by players. If that's the case, I say 'serves them right', and better that it gets fixed now, as opposed to live. Anyone who has the 'cheat' to get ahead lacks honor, imo, and thus respect. And can someone please tell my *why* there should be people begging for crowns on Test Realm? Actually had someone ask me (and this, after the second issue of the free 100k). Ridiculous. Our main purpose for the Test Realm, (this time around) is the pets.

 "Oh, I bought a couple houses".
On Test Realm? Boggles the mind, it does.

Or, (even better), "Can you help me beat [insert Boss name here]? I beat him once before, but now I have the quest, again.". *sigh*. And guess what? When you go back to live, you've still already beat him.

"Why so serious, Autumn?" "You should lighten up, a bit"."It's probably just a coding issue, on KI's part, that they're fixing".

Meh. It's not really in my nature to look at the "bright side". And besides, The Death School already has a Star Pupil to handle all that: Friendly. Now, don't get me wrong, I respect Friendly to Dragonspyre-and-back, but his level-headedness is not my level-headedness. He'll give a person the "benefit of the doubt", whereas I'll just usually doubt. He'll (usually) give a person the opportunity to correct their errant ways. Me? I'll see their head on a pike at the castle gates, if I had my way. There's a reason that Friendly is the one we all look to for inspiration: He's just that darned good. Me? I tend to slither by on sarcasm. Fortunately, there's room enough in The Spiral for all types. ('cause if it came down to Friendly vs. Me, even I wouldn't vote for me)

A Tale of Two Necros
"Good Necro, Bad Necro". You know which is which.

Okay, this post is going waaaaay off topic. Back to Test Realm Reset.

One way, or another, it shows KI's active development, and bodes well for all future product. (And the 250k crowns is a very nice "sorry for the inconvenience". Keep it up, KI!


Unknown said...

i know
some pets were leveling when you let them roam your house. Hope this helps. :P

Fatal Exception said...

Ah, that would 'splain it. Ty!

Kevin BattleBlood said...

+250,000 more Crowns huh?

Let's see...they let us start off with 100,000 Crowns, which many people used to boost their gold for mating.

Then a reset with another hundred grand, to allow people to feed and mate another pet.

And now double and a half the freebies? An odd number to do...I'm wondering why not 200k or 300k, or even endless?

My guess is that the limit exists to keep it somewhat real, but I must ponder: are they really expecting us to purchase a total of that many crowns, in addition to subscriptions or crowns used in PVP, just to tend to our pets?

Nah, couldn't be. There has to be other changes in addition to the pets leveling slowly while in housing (which is pretty neat if you think about it; at least those who maxed out stats and were lucky enough to leave some critters stashed at home could witness their creation at Epic level?). If they took that away, people truly would have to play around 400-500 *perfect* games AND feed liked/loved foods just to make the next transition (Ancient 0/1000 to Epic).

Time in-game is static, but our time in real life flows without restriction. The rollback and gift of 250k may be generous, but what about the time people took ever since May 13 to play and feed their Ancients to Epic? Certainly the crowns won't speed that part up (it would just fund more treats to buy from the Crown Shop), unless they decided to change the post-Max system?

I haven't touched my pet much ever since I got about 30/1000 in, so this wouldn't affect me, but I sympathize and feel sorry for those who topped the Everest.

Bailey said...

LOL! Yes, thank goodness for friendly's level-headedness it helps me combat my sassy nature all the time! But I would beg to differ about the less than friendly title you gave yourself there Autumn! You are definately one of thee nicest wizards I have had the pleasure to meet :)

Fatal Exception said...

@Bailey! "Shhhhhh! It's a seeeee-cret!"

"I'm a mean one, Autumn D
I really am a heel
I'm as cuddly as a cactus
I'm as charming as an eel
Autumn D.
I'm a bad banana with a necromantic black peel"

(with apologies to Boris Karloff.)


shadowfist said...

On the "Tale of Two Necros" -Thomas is the Superfriends to your Watchmen.

OK, that analogy goes too far, but you see what I'm sayin'.

Respect all around.

Fatal Exception said...

@Shadowfist: An excellent analogy!

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Kevin: I actually didn't see it as a huge loss. And, really, getting that many crowns just means I can buy more energy elixirs(and still have plenty left over for breeding, converting to gold for buying treats, recipes, reagents, silly "toys" like black wings and awesome looking staff( xD ) and I don't have to worry on running through it all so we don't know "how long this is going to go on" so maybe we need to try to be quick to see how things work on leveling with the reset) and do everything from scratch, again, which is sort of see what happens.

@Bailey: I agree, Autumn, here, is not what I would call unfriendly :)

Autumn, I have only had the pleasure of meeting and being around you one time(at Kevin's contest,) but have to say that I felt, when you spoke, that we had a lot of the same thinking/thoughts on things...and your sarcasm/sense of humor...I really get that! So it was awesome to meet you!

Friendly is a totally different animal than most people, you can't compare yourself to him at all. He is absurdly positive at times, but then that's why we all love him too! He helps those of us that have a more negative view(often) see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But like was basically said: "it takes all kinds in the spiral." We all have good qualities in our own ways. Without a little negativity there would really be no positive. We'd all be "happy robots" without individual thoughts. It would really stink, to say the least.