Friday, May 21, 2010

Theory crafting on crafting

Hiya, Graveyard wanderers!

Haven't done any good theorycrafting for a bit, and I thought I'd just throw a thought out there. Mind you, it's probably "already been thought of", (because a truly original idea is a rare thing, indeed), but honestly, I am not going to go check out every nook and cranny to see if anyone else has brought it up. My little Grizzleheim post really took the air outta my balloon, thataways.

So, that being said, let's move on to the theorycrafting proper, shall we?

1) All of us wizards have stats, right? Most of them are visible (power pip chance, attack, defense, movement speed, ect, ect.).

2) Most of us have at least *a* house, (okay maybe it's not the uber house of your dreams, but even a dorm room is a workable space.).

3) We have crafting (cough, cough).. umm. yeah. Love it, or hate it, we have it. Completely optional. DO the time, reap the ...rewards?.

Hmm..#3.... rewards. Aside from getting some titles. What is crafting good for? Well we know that pet snack crafting is gonna be a 'big thing', right? Well, I say we already have an untapped potential for crafting, and it's already "in place" (the game coders must really hate when I so casually dismiss how 'in place' everything is).

Right now, what good is "Master Artisian"? Aside from "Wow, I can't believe you *actually* got all those Black Pearls, and Blood Moss, gratz!", and being able to craft some nifty decorative items, where's the real *drive* for crafting? Once you got your title, where's the impetus to *keep* crafting?.

"Autumn's Easy Answer":  passive bonuses.

Say what, Autumn?

Hear me out. Nothing 'godly', mind you, but what if KI went ahead and said :"Craft furniture in your (active house, only), and you'll get a passive character bonus, depending on your crafted item!" ? How fast would crafting, and reagent hunting pick up, again?

Autumn's collection of completely theoretical examples.

Of course, this would not be a simple task. Nothing is. However, I feel the coding deities at KI could make this happen, without any serious imbalances, (like "1 boost, per type, per house", or something), and encourage crafting beyond the "look what I made" decoration scene.


Kevin BattleBlood said...

I would love to see these types of achievement-based bonuses as well. So far, we have just our Level 48 pets to silently announce an additional 5% Power Pip chance for obtaining the Rank 7 spell and advancing that far in the game.

Innate bonuses from furniture would, hands down, be a great reward to those of us who spent the time farming or sniping reagents, not only to gain the title itself, but also for the "expensive" crafts we're eligible for at that level (i.e. mannequins, the Carousel, etc.).

If not that, I've still got my fingers crossed for Title-based boosts, like featured in Atlantica Online!

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Kevin: Sorry, but Sniping reagents shouldn't count ;) It takes a lot more time to actually go out "in the field" and collect the really hard to get ones when you are competing against so many others that are trying to run to the same one. The only reason you even CAN snipe them at the bazaar is because someone who never even had any intention on using them went and took them from an area where someone who probably needed it was trying to get them(not counting dropped reagents...can't do anything about those.)I get really irritated when I see some noobs talking about how they made so much off reagents that I had to work my tail off to get...mainly because one of them probably took it from the area.

Other than that, I think this is a great idea...unfortunately I've crafted everything worth crafting I would guess that unless they reimbursed(unlikely in this game) that I either would lose, or I'd have to do it all over again.

I do think, though, that in addition to what you suggest, Autumn, that they should allow us to keep at least ONE of our crafted items that we make from the quests. Especially when it comes to that bookshelf, which is nothing after making the carousel, but it IS the toughest of all crafting quests there is and it really stinks when you wanted one for yourself and have to...later...make a third one so you can have one. I know that is nothing compared to when people use to have to make 5 of everything, and they didn't have transmutations. But you should be allowed to keep what you made, at least one of an item.

When you were in school did you not always get your art projects back after the teacher graded it, or had it on display for a while? Of course you did! So we should be able to keep one of each item from each crafting quest...even those low level ones. We could at least sell the cheaper stuff and get a little back on it, other than the gold for the quest.

Something I don't really like about the new crafted pet snacks: you have to be of level to be able to make all the different ones.
I have 14 wizards and never intended for all of them to have to get to MA. It kinda leaves some of them out of it. But I know I am unusual with even having that many. There are lots of people who have no care, even with one wizard(or six) to achieve MA. It would take forever to run even six all the way through...for most people...and for me with mine...heh...yeah...

Lyssie Silverheart said...

I don't even see the pourpos of geting all of your crafting titles i mean big deal it means you know how to press X pretty much. I really feel that it is not worth it to even try to accomplish the goal of Master Crafter or what ever it is because what is the point if that is it!!!

Heather Emeraldflame said...

@Silverheart: Only means you can press "X"? Well what is the entire game but clicking?
Crafting takes patience, which you obviously don't have. Don't put people down who have done it because anyone who has really tried and done it KNOWS it IS a HUGE accomplishment within the game.That is why many proudly wear the badge from it.

Crafting is one way some wizards make money after reaching Master Artisan.
It also allows you to be able to craft ANY treasure card that a recipe is available for YOUR school, which means you can make the BEST(and more rare) ones available...things like Feint, and Balance Blade, that are extremely hard to find, if not impossible to find, at the Bazaar(and wouldn't EVER be there if it were not for crafters.) If you want to get a really high hit on a boss then you will want to be able to or know people who can craft these things.

Besides; as Master Artisans our houses will always look a lot better than yours and we are always the ones who will be complimented on how cool our place looks ;-)