Thursday, May 20, 2010

History of Wiz 101

Hiya, Graveyard Wanderers,
Just passing on a bit of W101 update notes,, update notes. You *do* read the update notes, right?
Just a quick look at the synopsis, shows just how far KI has come, in (really) so short a time. The fact that the game you play 'today' is not the game we played 'yesterday'. Almost 2 years, already? Wow.

Finally got around to re-testing the test realm, and was pleasantly surprised by the small 'tweaks', that I noticed, (not all of them related to pets). Each of these small, seemingly unrelated adjustments seems to be 'minor', in and of itself, like a single drop of water in a cup. Given time, though, those drops add up, and soon enough, our cups runneth over.

So, why not take a moment, and see just how full our cups are now, as opposed to where they *were*, (and then project that forward to where they *will be*).

I think we need bigger cups.

Be well.

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