Sunday, July 12, 2009

Teleport Bus Details for Meet and Greet

4:55 to 5:10pm EST. Wu Realm. If I am not there, wait a minute or two, I WILL come get you.
Last "bus" leaves at 5:10pm est.

"How does a 'Teleport Bus' system work?"
Here's how it goes:

1)Everyone who wants to go friends me, the "Bus Driver"
2)I will choose a person from the group to tell when to "teleport to friend" (Driver).
3) When I get to our destination (Moo Shu), I tell THAT person "now".
4)THAT person tells everyone else in the group, everyone teleports to the Driver.
5) Gratz! You're in Moo Shu! Enjoy the Meet and Greet!


Lyssie Silverheart said...

Uhhh what if you don't have text chat?

Fatal Exception said...

All you have to do is send a friend request, I'll know what it's for. Then just wait till "teleport to friend" says "Jade Palace"