Friday, July 31, 2009

The polls are in!

Meet Archie, The Skeletal Spider on Skates.

Yes, Archie is a running joke between Fallon Shadowblade (Diary of a wizard) and myself, since they first announced the possibility of mounts. So, unless KI decides to make Archie a reality, he will remain the "gag" vote.

So, in regards to the actual voting, thank you all so much! There was a lot more interactivity than I would have imagined, and it's good to see you letting your voice be heard. Let's take a look ath the breakdown, shall we?

In the category of Mounts/transportation:
With nearly 50% of voters saying "yes", I'm sure this reflects the probable opinions of the player base at large. Me, in all actuality, am more on the "Perhaps" side, since we still haven't really heard much about just how these mounts would function. Time is the revealer of all truths, I suppose. I still think a Skeletal Spider on Skates would be funny, though, (KI, feel free to take the idea and run with it!)

Next up: On new content. Some surprises here, (for me, at least):

It would appear that the vast majority of participating voters are willing to wait for new content to be released. This is the "Measure twice, cut once" camp. This is where I personally voted, as well.

Somewhat less surprising is the "Gimmme more NOW" camp. I'm only guessing, but I'd be willing to wager the Grandmaster ratio in there is astronomical.

Most surprising of all, to me, is the "We have enough" camp. I expected this category to get Zero. Nada. Zilch. Goose Egg. Bubkis. And yet, there they are, at least 9 votes. Bless you, members of this camp, for you are a rare breed to be cherished.

There it is, you, the reader base have spoken! I'm thinking, in the future, that a 30 Day poll is about long. Should we even have polls? Hmm...this calls for a poll...

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