Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RIP, gameplay.

2 Hours.
120 Minutes
7200 Seconds.
Here I sit, mesmerized. I *know* what awaits me on "the other side". I embrace it. Yet here I sit. Staring.

omgican'ttakeitanymore! Curse you, Housing wad! Nine times you turned me away! NINE! And now, your counterpart, Dragonspire wad is folloing your lead? I have gaming needs! I have no patience! I need to get my Grizzleheim on! If I can score an "Oyotomi's Jade Blade" at the bazzaar , I'll need not much. Yes, I KNOW there are roughly 2 million other people doing the exact same thing I am. I NEED to PLAY NOW!

DING! Patching Complete!

Well, there you have it. The post I would have made, were I not a rational and patient individual.

But, as we all know, yours truly is very patient. and very rational..
and patient...
and patient some more...
and some more...

(Yes, a blogger with no game to play is a terrible thing, Muah-ha-ha!)

See y'all in Grizzleheim!


Isaiah Spelldust said...

I know how you feel

Anonymous said...

Nice man.