Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Wizness is Crowns, and Wizness is good!

WET BLANKET ALERT! grousing and mathematical frustration to follow

Well, I'm a little less-than-happy, atm.
Why? Grizzleheim is LIVE!
Well, that's EXACTLY why.

I'm a "Crowns" player. Have been since I started. I feel a little gyped, actually. I did a rough sum of what I've spent, to date, on W101, including both Ashley Duskhunter and I:

I've "bought" all of Wiz City, Krok, Marley, MooShu, Dragonspire, and now..buying Grizzleheim.
And for all that, I do not have "free chat", although I have a valid Credit card on file, only subscribers get that. I can't post in W101 forums, only subscribers can do that. 80 crowns per match in PvP? Good thing I don't PvP.

And now, we have:

Rare no longer is. Buy all you can, then run to Zeke to cash in more crowns! Hurry! (you know they bank on impulse buying) "You don't have to.." Yeah, riiiight.

I have spent more than 3 years subscription equivalent ( at Family Plan Rates) , and find myself still hamstrung by a "trial" account. You want my crowns AND a subscription?

I waited until GH went live, to see what changes, if any, went live. IMO, KI is leaning towards more and more "microtransactions". Not a good sign. Yes, I know it's a business, but at what point does it become plain old greed? I think there shouild be some kind of "threshold" where crown players get 'recognized' as members of the w101 community, and get the same rights as the level 1 that just subscribed.

I tried figuring out the rates, but math is far from my stongest suit, ( THIS is what happens when I try to do math.) So, if someone else can work it out, and get the proper conversion totals, I'd be appreciative.

*sigh*. Okay, that's the end of my rant.

I gotta go, the bazaar is calling me.


Quantize said...

You know what would be neat? Is if you could go up to an NPC and buy a month/6 months/12 months subscription with your CROWNS.

Fatal Exception said...

That's an excellent idea!

Xinaed said...

I thought you could buy subscriptions with crowns. Or something of the like. You can buy a ten dollar card, or higher, and go online and trade it in for a subscription.

But I guess you can't trade already redeemed crown cards into subscriptions. Blah. That sucks. Maybe if you bring it up, and get enough people to bring it up, they might look into making that available.

Lyssie Silverheart said...

I'm a crowns player but no way am i gonna buy a subscription honestly I don't care about any of the "perks" that come with it really just give me the crowns to buy the locations and I'm happy!