Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beware imitators.

As you may/may not know W101 has a Facebook Page . This is the only true "official" one, all others should be eyed with suspicion, so you don't look foolish, like me.


Fallon Shadowblade said...

Hey Autumn. This isn't from their Official W101 Facebook page. This is from a "fake" W101 facebook page. The official page is

I saw this a few days ago and I was like cool! Then I watched it and looked at the FB page. Fake, Fake, Fake. If KingsIsle is promoting this, it is totally strange.

I deleted my "fanship" of this page and considered it SPAM. If it is truly an Official W101 page, then oops my bad. :)

Happy Monday Autumn!!
BTW, have you added Diary of a Wizard on FB?

Fatal Exception said...

Umm... "I knew that!". Really. No, really.