Saturday, August 15, 2009

NOT Penny Dreadful, lol

Sorry to leave you in suspense, but the Printing Press is down for maintenance. More coming soon, I's just that weekends are very time-pressed for me.

Well, another Meet and Greet is now done, (for me, at least). I gotta tell you, having them in Sunken City Area is so visually soothing to me. So, thank you, Evil Theurgists and Diary of a Wizard. Speaking of "Diary", why haven't you joined Fallon, yet? It's all about ConnectX, my friends! I'm definitely a fan. AND a member.

So, the meet and greet was crazy busy, as per usual. This one even had it's own YouTube:Anyways, I showed up (late, sorry!), and began plugging Fallon's website and ConnectX, when I noticed something. Every time I shouted out for "Diary", someone shouted out for "Homework"/
Know who it was? Why it was Allan DragonHammer from The Fair Pyromancer.
I can't resist a good plug!

(Umm..Allan, I *am* back. You may wanna update, yes? Thanks! ) Here's to Allan, and all his future posts!

On that note, I want to encourage all of you to blog. Express yourselves. Be heard!

And, Join Fallon at ConnectX, if you would be so kind!

Be well!

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Cassandra BlueHaven (Pam) said...

It was a good time :) I saw myself in the video between 5:18 & 5:25... Woo-hoo, a whole 7 seconds of fame, lol! :p It was fun to see all the fans gather together and meet each other. It was my first real big event I ever attended besides the LNW group on Central. I will have to make sure I attend more. :)

Thanks for sharing!