Friday, June 24, 2011

This side up. Fragile. Do not disturb.

 *giggle* 'Props' to KBB & CassyHex
So, there I was, thinking about everything (and nothing), as I oft do, when the subject of W101 pets came into mind.

Well, it's not so hard to imagine, with all of Pet-a-Palooza, n' such. Lotsa Test Realm Training going on...( and my thanks to you, the Petnome Legions under General Battleblood - without you, Pets would be much more daunting.)... and I thought "Why, in Test?", then the answer shot back ( in a suspiciously Jack Sparrow-esque voice):"Gold, Mate. It's always about the Gold."

And, in a sense, it's true enough. We have Petnome to advise us what pets we might *like* to focus on, which saves us an significant amount of time, but when it comes to the "Hatchy, hatchy", it still hits you right square in the backpack.

If you're a 'casual' player, the "one time hit" may not make too big of an impression. "See Pet. Want Pet. Get Pet. Train Pet. Done." , but if you're insatiably curious, like KBB&Crew that'll get real costly, real quick. With the Gold Cap, it's gotta be hard to get any mass quantity hatching done (including hatching cool-downs).

So, I thought "Hey, KI : I haz ideaz!" (Yeah, like I'd post without some Theorycrafting in any given month)

What if, ( just *if*, mind you ), KI had an interractive Home "Hatching Crate" (available for in-game gold), that a player could drop 2 already owned pets into, to "incubate" for a period of time, (say 25-30 days)? (Estimated time based on the Theoretical "Honeymoon" being over, lol)

Heck, KI could also sell a "Deluxe Hatching Crate" (for Crowns) with increased "stat manipulation", or decreased time, or somesuch. With the vast explosion of pets, (and more pets,(and yet MORE pets)), then perhaps it's also time to re-evaluate hatching options.

Also, KI, we need a "guilt free" way to uh, "dispose" of unwanted pets..humanely. Gots to set the Responsible examples, yo!

I'm sure I'm missing very good reasons why it would NOT be a good idea, and I invite you to comment me why.

Oh, the Gnome? Sorry, just HAD to, in, *giggle*, uh, "honor", *giggle*, of KBB & Cassandra Hexthorn doing the LampNome Project. It's a neat idea, reverse-engineering the loot tables on the Sultan's Palace "Daily Lamp" event. It's a noble effort, but imo, it's kinda like Ol' "Rowdy" Roddy Piper says "When you think you know all the answers, I change all the questions!", so Good Luck, LampNome!

Go ahead and read Witchwarrior101, you're going to, anyways, aren't you?
Be Well!


Kevin BattleBlood said...

Guffaw! Next thing we know, we'll probably see an actual "Pet Gnome" in-game. That'd be *very* cool~ Thanks for the plug!

As for a "Deluxe Hatching Crate," I like the concept a lot, but am worried about 'stat manipulation' or decreased hatching time. The first's reason is a little self-explanatory; the second would slightly contradict the lesson of "money can't buy everything." In the era of smart phones, face recognition technology, and fiber optics, I think a lesson and test of *patience* is due for future, I think it's best to keep the long hatch times, heh, heh. As an alternative idea, maybe lowering the hatch cost, or allow the Crate Purchaser the ability to see which Talents their new hatch will manifest!

Fatal Exception said...

Insightful, as always, Mr. Battleblood. I think I like your idea better than mine!

A "Talent Scanner"? Brilliant!