Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The Draconian Stars align over The Spiral
 Of course, by now, everyone is all a-buzz over the new Dragon Hoard Card Packs. I mean, Pet-a-palooza is going strong and POW, here comes a *significant* curve ball.

I read, and read..then re-read "Say WHAT!"? Skeletal Dragon. Oh, yes! MUST GET, top of the list. Fortunately, KI is still having their Crowns sale, because I would not settle to write this post until I had secured a truly Epic mount. As a Necromancer, it's like taking Ossify out for a ride. Had to be done.
Me, and , uh "Ossify". Yeah, I'm sticking with that. or maybe "Boneknapper".
And, of course, in the flurry of backpack-emptying (and crowns balance emptying), I picked up the Rider's Sword and at least one complete armor set:

I like the sword, and the armor's "okay", I'll really have to think hard about the stats, and see how it will affect my combat strategies.

This new strategy seems to be in sync with the F.O.G. code this month, being "random", (and again, my Beckett's code didn't work...worrying).

The "Lottery" aspect, while a valid business model, reminds me much more of the gashapon-style concept of many of the Asian MMO's, where the player is heartily encouraged to buy-buy-buy, like farming for an Epic Drop...with cash as the ammunition. Granted, the Dragon mount is, hands down, the most truly epic mount KI has released yet, but I believe lottery-style shopping events in a card pack should be the exception, rather than the rule.

Be Well, (and beware the Boneknapper!)

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