Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's gonna be crazy, crazy BUSY!

Ravenwood Ball II, TONIGHT!

and this is Vampire Realm, at 6pm Eastern Standard time:
This is Vamp Realm, 6pm EST. BEFORE the actual start. Save your spot NOW

Oh, Server Gods, forgive us the imminent crash we are about to inflict.
Vampire Realm, 6:15pm EST
Vampire Realm, 6:30pm, EST. Pictures no longer adequately express how crowded it is, here
With my back against the wall, all I see is a Sea of Names
AutDOSK System Override.

"You only hurt the ones you love"

>System Override.
>Cassandra GriffinDreamer..ID CONFIRMED.
>Commence Deadly Neurotoxin release.
>End of line.

This is madness! THIS IS RAVENWOOD!

1 comment:

witchwarrior said...

Had a good time at the ball!
It was nice to meet y-

(xD genuis writing)