Saturday, June 25, 2011

Post Ball Observations: "Fame"

Hi, all.. "Just me", no schtick, (no AutDOSk), atm. Just you and I.

Well, I'm at work, now, and I'm sure the Ravenwood Ball 2011 is still running *somewhere* ITS. For me, it's done, this year. Thank you, Fallon Shadowblade, for yet another momentous occasion. We'll crash the server next year, for sure!

First of all, if you were talking to me, thank you, and I apologize if I didn't respond. You know how fast the chat box was scrolling. It's not that I was ignoring/dismissing you. Just the nature of the Ravenwood Beast, as it were.

And I know that a couple of you DID talk to me, I replied back as best I could, given the circumstances.

Okay, now that that's outta the way, I want to address something to you, concerning "fame", No,  not the Movie, not the musical, not the series, rather the "concept of mass popularity". Mind you, this is not a rant.

Even some of you reading this may think "What are you talking about, Autumn, you *are* famous!". Well, thank you for the kind thought, but I don't consider it so. I've tasted "fame" in the Spir@l, and it's a really heavy burden, one that I know I can't properly shoulder. That's why I don't have a hit counter, or a followers list, because I will not use that as a meter of any perceived "success".

It's hard for your candle to shine in the same room (even one the size of Ravenwood), among the Supernova-Quality names that were there, (and I'm talking more than just TFN.). You know who I mean. I don't even have to name names. They've already popped into your head, haven't they? Fact is, many of those SuperNovas are on my friends list. That's not bragging, that's just because we all , basically, come from the same places. And you know what? I doubt that 99.99% of them would consider themselves "famous", either. Maybe Friendly, because, let's face it, he's pretty much got no viable argument *against* it, lol.

I count myself as one of those "other guys", you know, the ones that get a "traffic rush" when a SuperNova mentions you. I'm "famous" like a leech, or a mosquito, or some parasitic pest. I'm more like that persistent stain you just can't scrub out of your countertop, lol. I'm not as much the "people person". I do fine 1on1, or even in small groups, but the more I have to divide my attention, the more I stress out that I'm unintentionally hurting someone, not giving someone the attention they deserve.

So, I recluse. I promote myself (shamelessly) as "2nd String".And that's okay. I like where I am. I get to be the Bad Guy. It's a pretty sweet role, and the SuperNovas are gracious enough to play along. Now, of course, those Novas are who they are for a reason: they've worked (and still work, daily) long and hard to bring more to your W101 experience. They absoloutely deserve all the respect and accolades they recieve, but this post isn't about those people, it's about the concept of "fame", itself.

Yes, there are many of us that have W101-related sites. Some newer, some older, some overlapping. All of us do it for the Love of the Game. This isn't even a "So, you want to be a blogger" post, either, I'm trying to focus on "fame", or at least, the perceived concept of it.


[feym] noun, verb, famed, fam·ing.
1.widespread reputation, especially of a favorable character; renown; public eminence:

Example: I actually feel bad for our beloved Thomas Lionblood. Guy finds a game, loves a game, blogs a game- and his game changes forever. He's the Poster Child for W101, and while it certainly has it's blessings, those come with a heavy price attached. Say Thomas wanted to quietly "just hang out" in the Spiral...*anywhere* in the spiral. How long do you think it would take before he gets mobbed with "plz add me" requests, and his quiet time now becomes an impromptu "Event". No different than any Rock Star that just wants to go to the Mall, only to end up on TMZ, or something. I honestly believe that the "appear offline" was placed by KI into W101 specifically to cut Friendly some slack. Even "secret alts" eventually get leaked, by known association with other SuperNovas. Life evading the Paparazzi? That's like life on the run as a fugitive. Pass, thanks. Poor Thomas is a victim of his own success. Fortunately, however, he's a Big Boy, and he can handle it. We've already seen the devastation of even a "short break".

Hey, if you wanted to know "what it's like", I'm sure we can get a half dozen friends to surround you , and barrage you with PM's, in rapid succession. "fame" is a p.i.t.a., Pain In The , uh..Ankle. I got close once, and promptly burned a helephant load of bridges, in sheer panic.

I'm not telling you to leave anyone alone. I'm not telling you who you should, or shouldn't like. Just remember, we are ALL gamers, and we ALL love Wizard101. Whether you are "famous" or not, you are an important part of a very special family, and *I* am honored to count *you* on my 'friends list'. Not a single one of the "famous" wizards I know considers themselves "better" than you; And you, conversely, shouldn't feel "inferior", because you are every bit as important to this family as even the greatest of SuperNovas.

Just remember, even a "famous" wizard is still *just* a wizard, and chances are, they're just there to play.

Be Well.


Unknown said...

I understand you completely since, I too am a *recluse*. I hate going to big parties or events because of this. Also, I have noticed the effects of the *leeching* on other famous people. I have really noticed this since I joined Diary of a Wizard, and they have mentioned me on twitter, I now have gotten at least 20 people following me in the last week.

I hope all of us can remember what you said, that we are all *just* wizards.

P.s. I love the P.I.T.A. thing, hehe

taliesinharps said...

P.I.T.A. = Pain In The Aorta ;)

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Thank you for this post, Autumn!

The price of recognition expands almost exponentially. Not only are the requests to add or pleas for help or whisper spams coming linearly, but for every day passing, there's at least one more person who's joined the audience.

It's euphoric to know how many people have been helped or inspired, but the fame/recognition aspect comes *after* word-of-mouth has spread. People aren't born into being known, unless their predecessors were famous to begin with. So, with a game and audience so young as Wizard101, the "fame" part becomes more of an inevitable accident, not a goal that should be thought of as attainable or favorable.

Sometimes I wonder if it's easy to mistake "trusted," "credible," or "reliable" with "famous." For Friendly, that was what captured my interests... The fact that thousands look up to him or follow him didn't influence or motivate me to do the same. There's one site that's run by someone "well-known," but their lack of spirit, character, and genuity turned me off from it. Tom became my very first and (at the time) only resource for Wizard101 information. And, it's just a coincidence (maybe...I think he deserves more credit than that!) that many others happen to feel the same way, too. And thus, with the "popular" and recurring trend, he's inevitably become that shining star that some people mistakenly call "famous."

This post has inspired and triggered a need to clarify on what Perfect Catch is about, considering how heavily we've become bombarded with the same reception.

Thanks for boldly exploring and pointing all this out! It's an honor to hear your thoughts~

Anonymous said...

I was spammed with whispers and "add me plz" requests. I should have seen this coming.

Icy Wiz said...

Hi Autumn - I have followed your blog since I discovered Friendly's blog and I really admire your candor and well-thought posts. You have inspired me to write something a blog entry on my page at Diary of a Wizard ConnectX and will try to provide a link back to this blog entry of yours. Hope the link back is okay.

Steve said...

This is fantastic! Great post, Autumn. I really enjoyed it and I hope others will take away a better understanding of the flip side of fame. :)

Diana Wildheart said...

Hello Autumn, I just want to say Good job about this blog, I just say "Two Thumb Up!" Yes, they need to be respect as we are players like normal people who do everyday. Like I said in my blog about summer 2011 party time, there are explaining about the Rules and other stuff. Hope it will spread for all of us. :)

Heather Raven said...

Oh Autumn. Bad guys get the best lines you know. Besides, you are my Basil Rathbone of the spiral. And believe me that is one of the greatest compliments I can bestow.