Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy, and Sad

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who left me birthday wishes, over at DoaW. It was much appreciated. In my house, we call June 19th "Garfield Day", due to the fact that Garfield the Cat and I share both the same birthday, and an unrepentant love of lasagna. Yup, look it up, every year.

Whereas I am a *significantly* older gamer, we no longer do the "Cake and Candles", thing. "Autumnal" is more than a catchy moniker, whereas I am far beyond the "Summer" of life.

Now, on to the 'sad' part of this post. As you know, I've backed off W101, to prevent "burnout" (but I am in no way retiring, whatsoever), so it left me free time to go try other games. One in particular, which I had a blog for, WELL before it even hit closed beta in China, (not to mention here, in the US), which promised oh-so-much. Well, I finally got to "Get my Vamp on", and found that the promises of that World were Forsaken. Unlike KingsIsle, who do a pretty darn good job at what they do. The much-vaunted "WoW Killer" seriously fizzles in so many ways, it makes me appreciate KI/W101 ever so much more.

So, if you'll permit me a post-birthday indulgence, I'd like to mourn those Forsaken promises here, among you, my friends. I'll be back to blogging W101, very soon.

If you're interested on why I mourn, you can (optionally) read it HERE

Oh, and I am *SO* on for Ravenwood Ball 2011, never you fear.

Be Well.


Anonymous said...

Happy (2 days late) Birthday! :D

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...


I had a terrible, awful day today (and it kind of hurts to type this, haha), but seeing your post made me feel a little better :)

Best wishes!