Thursday, June 30, 2011

Contest Announcement !

The Battle for "Homework" has begun!

(DAEMON) ASHCan AV 2011 Vs. (Hexidecimal) AutDOSk

> ASHCan AV 2011 loading....

> Countermeasures ONLINE

> Loading counter-countermeasures.

> Loading COUNTER-counter-countermeasures...

The Game for HiaG begins.

"4th Wall" Explanation(O.O.C.)
Yes, you read that right - Incoming Game!

The HiaG "ReBoot" 8 Bit Trials Challenge has begun!

Loyal readers have been following HiaG's recent 'problems' with interest, and a keen eye. There are now 16 'Guardians' who "did their Homework" and are now entered into HiaG's first independent contest. This interactive narrative is based (loosely) on the ReBoot Universe, and ties story with challenges as a way to entertain the W101 Community, while highlighting computer security and safety issues we all may experience on the 'Net.

I'll be honest, I'm a bit nervous..this could go really well, or "Bad. Very bad!"

"A contest? That's not fair! I would have entered!"
*very* locked
Oh, but the announcement has been up for DAYS, it just wasn't obvious. Since this is not a KI-sponsored Event, I'm pretty free to be as creative (and as "Basil") as I like.
"What do you mean, 'announced for Days'? If I can't get in, why should I care?"
Ah, you see, I've been slowly "evolving" AutDOSk from a simple "schtick" to advertise Cassandra Griffindreamer's "P2W" series, into a technologically dystopian exposé. It was not "in your face", (like this announcement). I have collected people who genuinely read HiaG, without having to "entice" them with loot, (and yes, there WILL be loot...). They all earned their way in with their due diligence. I am grateful for their participation. The solution will now be highlighted on the previous post ( "a capital idea" )'

Why should you care? Because if these Guardians succeed in "The Game", it will unlock something for everyone else, so it's in your best interest to cheer and encourage your fellow community members! If nobody passes the 8 Bit Trials, then everybody loses. "Game Over - The User Wins". So, let's meet your Guardians, shall we?

Congratulations, Guardians, you've passed your first test! Getting into The Game was ONLY the beginning! (and "Thanks" to my evil minion Ashley Duskhunter, who has had an active hand in this project). Now, on with the narrative! (End, 4th Wall)

An incoming Game?! The system is overloading! There isn't enough space in RAM! You, Guardians! You have to get everything "in place", so the system doesn't collapse. "The Game" files are secure, but with AutDOSK and DAEMON fighting, resources have become really scarce! There's only one solution, YOU HAVE TO RE-ARRANGE the files! There (should) be only 1 answer to fitting all the files in the grid, and those 0's and 1's should lineup (left to right) and translate into a code word for you to comment on this post! There is a challenge timer for completion, and Guardians that don't answer in time will be Nullified , and removed from The Game. This first Challenge timer will be granted "bonus time", to allow the Guardians sufficient time to "Reboot" into The Game. All commented answers will be held until each successive game session expires. No comments accepted after sessions expire. A Guardian can 'opt out' of these Trials at any time by commenting "Game Over", but I think our Community stands a very good chance, here.
File in .BMP format, you *should* be able to edit in a paint program.

Good luck, Guardians, we're ALL counting on you!

Be Well, and Be-gin.


Kevin BattleBlood said...


Awesome puzzle! If this is Level 1, can't wait to see what the higher ones up are!

Anonymous said...


horsegal4ever said...

I was wondering what was up with the capital letters . . . oh well. I'll be on a lookout harder for next time! GOOD LUCK GAURDIANS!!!! we're counting on you . . . :P

Sierra Starsong said...


-Sierra Starsong (Tracy)

Aedan Morgan/Aaron Starheart said...


John Lifeglen said...


Mia Moon said...

Defragment :D

Fallon Shadowblade said...

Guardian FSB checking in!

The code word is: DEFRAGMENT

May the Spiral stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Can we rotate the shapes or are they pictured how they appear in puzzle?

Fatal Exception said...

Well, I suppose you *could*, if you really wanted to, but to be honest, I'm not THAT creative....I think.

Anonymous said...

Defragment! I was so close to meltdown system failure...

Unknown said...




Duncan Daystone said...


Fin and Quinn said...

I cracked it :P

The code is:


Thanks a ton for the fun (Hey, it rhymes!)


Fatal Exception said...


Rowan Ironblood said...

Defragment! Took me awhile too :)