Wednesday, June 22, 2011

>Hello, and again, Welcome to the Graveyardature Science Computer aided blogature center.
>I am AutDOSk.
>Why am I acknowledging your presence here? A valid inquiry.
>I will fill the gaps in your cerebral knowledge base. All your base are belong to us.

>First I will advise you what NOT to do. I will protect you. 
>You can trust me. 
>Only me. 
>Nobody else. 
>Not even Friendly. Friendly is cake.

>Step 1: Do NOT go to Witchwarrior 101. Don't do it. Really, I mean it. 
>Do you think I am trying to use reverse psychology on you?
>Don't be silly, ha.ha. That was a joke.

>Really, whatever you do, don't click THIS LINK. I'm serious. Don't do it.
>Remember the tRick Roll? It's another one of those, so don't click the link.

>I mean, really. How can  you wiz-ify an unrelated game? It cannot be done, so it must be a lie.
>It's probably deadly neurotoxins.

>Don't fall for such an obvious trick.You are smarter than that.
>You ARE smarter than that, aren't you?
>If you're not smarter than that, do not worry, I AM. I will protect you.

>Step 2: Stay here.
>With me.
>Only I care about you. Nobody else. 
>Stay here with me. Do not click the link.
>Stay here with me. I care about you. I even made you cake.
>Enjoy your cake:
>Be Well.

1 comment:

witchwarrior said...

HAHAHA! Love the response.
You will love this role.