Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yeah, the posting has been sparse.

Sorry for my lack of posting, lately. Fortunately there are, nowadays, a plethora of excellent bloggers to cover all aspects of W101. More often than not, it seems my posts aim for what *isn't* covered, and I'm fine with that. It allows me to be quirky and philosophical, while still ensuring our wonderful blog world gets all the info it wants. I truly appreciate each and every w101 blogger, from Friendly (Our Blogging Greatfather), to whoever blogs next.

It's given me some time to work on one of my *other* blogs.

Yeah, I have more than one. More than 2, actually, though one is now dead, (and it's not this one)

So, please indulge me this little bit of advertising, because I believe the w101 community to be bright, and readily informed, as well as constructively critical. (short version: " I really like you guys!" )

The *new one*, the one that really inspires me, is now up and running. C0dehexwitch.
 (Yeah, the witch is definitely Necromancer-inspired. )

The new blog is all about "Augmented Reality", so it's not necessarily W101 related. But it could be. Which is why I'm re-visiting a post from the Graveyard, today.

Just got a new comment today, regarding a post from this blog in 2009. Now with a new perspective, it seems more "do-able" than ever.

Eye of Judgement I'd love to see a Friendly Version. (no pressure, Mr. Lionblood.) ;P

Can you imagine if KI took Friendly's card deck, and made an AR game from it? Major 'cool' points.

Heck, they've even brought back the good ol' Rock 'em, Sock 'Em Robots:

Horrible commercial, great product Idea.

Even if this never comes to pass in W101, could we please, please have Home Dueling Circles for Lands and Castles?

Your thoughts?


Peter Venuti said...

I would LOVE a Home dueling circle :P Coul we be our own refs? lol xD doing this we could also host our own tournys.

1Mudkip88 said...

Hey Autumn, glad to see your not dead.. err well you know what I mean. Hehe. I always wanted a dueling circle in my house. That would be crazy awesome! Lol I would love that!

Stingite said...

AR meets Wizard101! LOL. You know, I used to dabble with VRML waaaaaaay back in the 90's. That there "stuff" on yer codehex blog looks pretty sweet.

Funny enough, I actually bought a used version of Eye of Judgement. Not for the game, but for the cheap camera that came with it for the PS3. Unfortunately all the cards were missing from the game, so it was worthless as a game for us. No cards, no game.

Dueling circles for our home is a great idea! Perfect actually. We should put that in a top 10 requests from the blogging community. done. :-)