Friday, July 2, 2010

"An Installation issue is a Critical issue"-Game Theory

One of the many things I love about KI, and W101, is the complete *lack* of installation problems. From the very start, installation and updates have been flawless. For that, KI, I am very grateful. Thank you.

I do a lot of Beta Testing, of various games. In this case "a lot" is applicable as in "The Titanic took in a lot of water". One of the games I'm (currently) testing is from a company that has 2 games in 'beta'.

'Game A' has a down loadable client that, upon extraction, requires you to modify several Windows Security protocols, (like Digital Signatures), to even install (*) The extraction process is run from the game's *web page*, and requires the user to manually adjust some Windows settings. You only learn this if you navigate through several pages of 'tech support forums'.
*note: Yes, changing Windows security settings is *very* risky, and should only be done by people who know EXACTLY* what they are doing. 9 times out of 10, a Security change puts your PC at risk, so try to avoid doing it.

'Game B' has a down loadable client that doesn't even get through extraction, citing a critical (and unidentified) error. There is no access to 'user support' on the game's forums unless you already have an in-game character created. so, if you can't install it, you can't get help for it.

Now both of these games are "F2P", and will eventually be cash-shop oriented, which got me to thinking. And after a quick search at Gamasutra, I couldn't find anything relevant, I thought I'd ask you for your opinion, (and maybe a poll).

Here's the question I'd like your opinion to:
"As an online gameplayer, how much tolerance do you have for game installation? How far are you willing to go to get access to a game you *really* wanna play? Do you toss it out after the first attempt? Three attempts? Do you go to the game's 'tech support' forums, or contact the game admins, themselves? "
I think you get the idea of what I'm asking. Please feel free to be as verbose as necessary, and include any perspective I may have missed.

Be well!


Christina IceDreamer said...

For me, if there is a security warning, I typically pass on the game altogether. This is especially true in FTP games. Even though I know they will derive revenue from cash shops, I assume they are also collecting some sort of data to sell and that's why I reject them based on security issues.

I had a few issues installing Wizard 101, but not security related. I installed it anyway because my son wanted to play it so badly. Otherwise, if a game gives me install problems on download I shrug and simply don't install it. If it can't download right, it probably won't play right. That's my approach.

One recent sorta-beta entry into the "browser-based" FTP games is Earth Eternal. This game really ticked me off, as it's not truly a browser-based game. Yes, you can play in your browser but only with tremendous lags. For best play, you should download the entire client (i.e., W101) and if you're playing with friends who have downloaded it, but you haven't, you can't begin to keep up.

Very thought-provoking entry! Keep up the good stuff!


Unknown said...

For me I had Redownload something a bazillion times to get it to work,
on a different game of course.

M.W.S said...

I never deal with that sort of stuff.

Taji34 said...

My opinion? I would say as a game developer and techno geek that the game should be easy to install and puts the computer at very low risk. So i would try two game download/installs before contacting support. Then try most methods that don't have me going into the depths of my computer or changing any security options. If those don't work then its probably not a great game. Also if i get it installed but it wants me to change a bunch of security options then no way am I playing that game. Wizard101 gave me no trouble installing and only now, with an update of my security system, is the security system asking if it should allow internet access to the graphics client. Otherwise wizard101 is a really low maintenance game.