Monday, August 22, 2011

Booom-checka-lekka! House winners.

The Answer:

Why are we here?
The Code
Because we're here
Roll the bones
word is.

PERSISTENCE was the correct answer. Fortunately, spelling did NOT count. ;) The message folded in on itself, it was not "guessable" until actually completed. The lines in orange are actually song lyrics, (and it's "Roll" the bones, not "Joll"(?!?) or "Troll". - it means to throw the dice.

Well over 100 of you got the correct answer, but there can be only 10, so, per, here are the winners:

The above listed must comment me their emails (on this post- will NOT be published), using the same login as listed above, and I will have them out, immediately.

"Time is of the essence", here, so sooner is better.

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