Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sultan's Palace Megacard is Official, and Fishy Time!

Yeah, there's a lot of intentional references in the title, but this is about actual reporting of the KI Ravenwood News post:

Count me in, I'm "In the market", as it were
Since we're on the topic, I'd like to point out a Mega Audio , uh, "video", by our friend, and inspiration, Kevin Battleblood, of Petnome and Chillanthropoligist fame. In this (quite lengthy (1hr, 37 min), but worthwhile) dissertation, he covers his viewpoint of the whole SP Brouhaha. He makes many, many valid points, and It's well worth your time to hear him out. He has certainly risen to the occasion, as a Community Leader, and his words should resonate, regardless of which side (if any) you're on.  It also gives a good insight into his thought processes, and gaming history that give us the KBB that we have today. This will be my last reference on the subject, unless the situation warrants differently.

Audio Magnum Opus of Kevin Battleblood.

And let's see, well, it's "old news", but I just wanted to give KI "props" on the new loader.
I think this new loader is a lot slicker, and more indicative of the professional quality that KI represents. Not that the old "default" was bad, but the new loader is sweet. It brings to mind other things, though, which I shall discuss, at length, in a future post. Consider this a "placemarker" for future ideas.

And to end this post on a more hopeful note, I wanted to share a video with you. It's "Old Skool Gaming meets new", in a way. (How many pop cultural/gaming references can you find?):

Watch it, and remember why it is that we're all here. It's for the Love of the Game, and I *still* believe that W101 has the best darn Community, bar none. We are family.The nonogram code word is "cache". Families will squabble, but we're all in this together. It's time for understanding, forgiveness, and unity, now. We need to mend, and move forward.

I call for Fishy Time!

Be Well

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