Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy, 'versary, DoaW!

To my dear, hardworking friend, Fallon Shadowblade, who has put so much of her time, and heart into Diary of A Wizard, and made it a prime Community Resource, I want to publicly offer my sincerest "gratz" on Making it to your 2nd year! Be sure to check out the celebratory announcements here.

Kinda makes me feel "old", lol. I remeber DoaW when it was "new", (and when Petnome was still a "secret project", lol). I remember  the First Anniversary Ball, (crazy busy), and I had made a poster for it. Not really up to my current standards, but for history's sake, here it is:
Long ago, and seemingly worlds away..
If/when a "theme" is announced, I'll probably make Fallon another 'creative' visual plug, lol.

This year, however, things are bigger, and better than ever! Fallon and others are celebrating this Birthday with mega-gifts for YOU! (This post is not an entry, btw, just promoting a friend). Here's the run-down:

Pretty awesome, yes? Of course yes! Be sure to check out all on this post, for the details. Many, including myself, consider this sorta "THE" Social Event of the year, so diligence is warranted in securing your seat.

Gratz, DoaW on Year 2, wishing you many, many more to come!

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Fallon Shadowblade said...

Thx Autumn! My favorite pic was Dworgyn in the ball gown! It still makes me giggle. I remember when we were "new", you made me feel so welcome into the community. And looky here, I stayed awhile! I can't wait to see what you or your daughter come up with for this year. Ashley's graphics were pretty awesome too! I appreciate all of your support. Squuueeeee! 2 years! w00t!