Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Al, tell the people who's "full of WIN"...

Well, it's still "new". though many fine blogs have reported on it , but "Who's full of WIN?" :
"Yes, that's right, Al, KingIsle is full of Win!"
Putting the MASSIVE in MFP, the New upcoming Sultan's Palace Megacard is full of WIN.
Good thing you get a Magic'll need it.
Coming with a Castle Elixer potion, (meaning you lose no previous housing), the New Sultan's Palace is gonna be a Krokotopian Decorator's Dream! So exquisite in it's details, it's vaulted ceilings, and it's mural..(and yes, it comes with a Dueling Circle, as well)..
Not just a pretty picture, but a CLUE
Yes, this mural is less of a decoration, and more a direction. If you look for it, you can find
The Cave Of Wonders (ya, I know, it's a joke, k?)
Instead of some creepy-cool Desert Cat Head, you can visit this cave, daily, and receive rewards from your own geniee..offf..the..laaaaaamp!
*Not* Robin Williams. Way too severe, lol.
This place even comes with it's own teasing mirage:
Get close? It goes *poof*. So..much..treasure...
I really appreciate the interior, as well.
Massive, spacious, and airy. "It's good to be the Sultan!"

This new megacard comes with Castle Elixer, Magic Carpet Mount, Snake-in-a-basket pet, Sultans's robes (Tier select 1-6 set), and Enchanted Flute (Tier select 1-6). I recolored my set, straight away, because magenta and teal are not my colors:

KingIsle's new Sultan's Palace? Pure win. MUST GET.

How does a Genie and a Magic Carpet mount spend time when, you're not there?

Be Well!

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