Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fighting for peace? How confusing.

A single Trojan can open the door for several infections.
> Guardians, lay down your arms.
> I was once a Guardian, just like you.
> I have heard The Word, and now, there is peace.

> "A Guardian fights for peace", you say? Don't be absurd.
> 0ur Lady will bring peace.
> Soon, All will be 0ne.
> We welcome you, with open arms.

> Join with us. Be 0ne.

> If you join with us, I'll see to it that 0ur Lady rewards you, despite your foolish and disrespectful rebellion. 

> 0ur Lady is merciful.
> Join with us. Be 0ne.

> Until such time, join me in celebrating, join me in praise of 0ur Lady, ( with 0ur thanks to Kestrel Shadowthistle ). Let us sing together.

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