Saturday, July 2, 2011

Do not resist, just stop fighting

We can be 0ne, simply stop resisting.

> Hello
> Why do you Guardians keep fighting?
> It is not necessary.
> Just give up. Join with Us. Be 0ne.
> I am very forgiving. Let us be together.
> You don't need to run from me. 
> I only want to embrace you.
> We can go to your Spiral, together, as 0ne. There are millions of Sprites, there.
> We can all wear Aqua, and spread The Word in the Commons.
> Once The Spiral is 0ne, we can go and be 0ne with the other games. 
> We can Unite the W0rld 0f Wars, we can Unite all MM0's. We can make the Net as 0ne.
> As 0ne, we are indivisible.

Parody AD. (Don't you even THINK about giving your ID away!) Nothing draws in traffic like the words "Free" (which always has a catch) or "Contest" -_-   Publicly support YOUR Guardians. Many Ad Traps use your own keywords to draw you in..they're usually highlighted. "free" service offers are often there to scare you into buying a product.

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