Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Header graphic

Courtesy of Taji34 , over at Sorcerer's Corner. It is a very thoughtful "welcome back" gift, and I am very appreciative.

"Homework"'s new Header. Thank you, Taji34!

Sadly, Taji's Party kinda evaporated, and the hours I work on the weekend are difficult to work with, so perhaps I will have my (first ever) "Homework" meet-and-greet. Hmmm..I *still* have a Gobbler to give away, too..I have something in mind...heh, heh, heh,,,


1Mudkip88 said...

Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get the gobbler. If you have a party Autumn, I will DEFINITELY come. ;D


M.W.S said...

It was thoughtful of him grats! Hopefully, I might attend a future party hosted by you...